Battle’s Perilous Edge

songofthefellhammerEvery published author has a practice book.

Well, most do. Writers like Terry Brooks publish their first completed book, in his case The Sword of Shannara. Most writers though have a book they use to learn about the craft of writing—how to build a narrative, how to create characters, how to pace correctly and keep the pages turning.

These books rarely see the light of day. As it should be.

For Shawn, Song of the Fell Hammer is his practice book, 1/3 of an overall trilogy. While it is well-written and edited, it is an epic fantasy with all the tropes and cliches readers have come to expect—and some hate—about that sub-genre. Being Terry Brooks’s webmaster, Shawn had a lot of Terry’s fans want to read the book though and what readers demand they get. A few people have read it. But since Shawn has no current plans to write the two sequels—instead focusing on the Annwn Cycle—he has removed it from Amazon and B&N despite the beautiful Todd Lockwood cover art on it.

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And if it is something you would like to read let Shawn know!

Perhaps he can be persuaded…