The Kickstarter Funded In 11 Minutes! What?!

Hi Everyone,

I’m sitting here, typing this, with blurry vision. If there are typos, it’s because I can’t see clearly.

Why? Because the Kickstarter for The King-Killing Queen and The Briar-Sword Monk launched this morning at 6AM PT. And within 11 minutes, it funded. I was not expecting that. At all. The Antiquity Grey/Jak Dreadth Kickstarter took 96 minutes to fund. I was hoping for half that time. But wow, you all showed up and backed my new high fantasy novel early.

In short, I’m humbled. And thrilled. And terrified. And eager for the future. But most importantly, recharged!

What can I share here? Well, if you haven’t backed the Kickstarter yet, you can still do so. It’s HERE. Today is a good day to do it. There are some Early Bird Specials that will expire after the first 24 hours. And of course, the faster we open up Stretch Goals, the nicer these volumes will become and the more we’ll celebrate. So go take a look and see what I’ve been up to.

Part of the fun of all of this is working with very talented people. First up are the fine folks at Skybound. They’ve been great. They care what the creator dreams and help make those dreams come true. I had input into everything. That’s important in this day and age with studio execs want to get in the way of the creators–with the end result usually being a lackluster product.

But I’m not the only creator here. Magali Villeneuve painted a gorgeous wrap-around cover for The King-Killing Queen. Donato Giancola has drawn the black and white interiors. And my book designer Rachelle McGhee has created a gorgeous book. It is really going to be something to behold. On the graphic novel The Briar-Sword Monk side of things. Patrick Rothfuss’s friend and long-time illustrator Nate Taylor has turned in gorgeous pencils. And the script, ink, color, and lettering team of Robert Napton, Dexter Vines, Adriano Lucas, and Rus Wooten have taken those pencils to produce gorgeous full-color comic book pages. I couldn’t be happier!

Then there are some additional fun things we have planned. You might have seen them already. I’ll save two of them for the coming days, but we’ve already officially revealed the fabled sword Bruyère, painted by the amazingly talented Lixin Yin. You can see that above.

More news to come. We are hitting Stretch Goals already. Be sure to get your pledge in soon–especially if you are going to order the eBook or regular hardcover set–because you could save money if you do so before the day is through.

In short, THANK YOU ALL for the fun today. You have made it wonderful.

With Magic,

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  1. So happy I can be part of this when I heard you were producing this and know what a great job you do with a Grim Oak publications I just knew this was gonna be one hit out of the park!!

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