Antiquity Grey Is Now On Audible

The Tempered Steel of Antiquity Grey publishes September 7th.

I always planned to have it be published in hardcover and ebook, of course. But thanks to Michael J. Sullivan, his wife Robin, and the fine folks at Audible, Antiquity’s tale will also publish as an audiobook. The Sullivans helped push me to make it a reality; those at Audible saw value in the book. So on September 7th, there will be an audiobook!

And not only that, but Audible offered Eva Kaminsky the job of narration. She’s best known for her work on Broadway. She was also an actor in The Dark Tower movie and is the narrator for Charlaine Harris’s Gunnie Rose books. I listened to her work and I thought she was the best person to bring Antiquity and her friends to life. I’m lucky to have Eva and I hope you love her contribution to my little universe as much as I do.

To place your pre-order for the Audible audiobook, click HERE. I’m sure Audible will give me a handful of giveaway codes. When I have them, I’ll conduct a giveaway here so stay tuned.

If you have any questions, let me know! I’m always around.

Back to work!

PS: The Dark Thorn, my Word/Void-like urban fantasy, is also available on Audible. It is narrated by Patrick Rothfuss narrator Nick Podehl. If you need a new audiobook, check out The Dark Thorn!

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