One Day Left In The King Must Fall Kickstarter

While I await my Tempered Steel Kickstarter books to arrive — it will be sometime in August, based on the proofs I just approved — I want to share one final post about The King Must Fall.

What is The King Must Fall? It is a forthcoming anthology from Grimdark Magazine. They asked me to contribute a short story alongside such splendid writers as Bradley P. Beaulieu, Anna Smith Spark, Kameron Hurley, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Trudi Caravan, Peter Orullian, Anthony Ryan, and many more. My short story became a 22,000-word novella though, the first three chapters of what will become a new novel one day. It stands alone, which was important to me. And I really think The King-Killing Queen novella is something special.

The Kickstarter for The King Must Fall only has 38 hours left before it closes. I highly recommend you go and pledge to it. Not only will you get my novella but other great tales too. And for those of you in the United States and Canada, I’m receiving copies from the Kickstarter and helping to ship them out for North American backers. That means I can sign these! And I think Peter Orullian will stop by to sign too, making the regular edition hardcovers double-signed.

If you are so inclined, click HERE and go watch the Kickstarter video and see what they are offering. A lot of goodies there. And remember: There is only about a day and a half left to pledge. So if you are going to do it, you’d better do it now!

Here is more about the book:

“The King Must Fall is a dark fantasy anthology featuring 14+ authors writing about rogues, assassins, mages, blackguards, and warriors on quests to kill their kings, rulers, and leaders. We’ll be offering ebook, hardcover, numbered signed edition hardcovers, and a leatherbound signed lettered edition.

Wrapped in Felix Ortiz’s beautiful cover art, designed by the legendary Shawn King, and with a stretch goal to fill it with Carlos Diaz’s interior art, The King Must Fall will be a gripping read and an eye-catching addition to your bookshelf.”

I hope you’ll consider it! Back to working on The Everwinter Wraith for me!


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