Unbound, the next anthology that I’m publishing with Grim Oak Press, will be available December 2015!

It features a powerhouse line-up similar to that I helped build in Unfettered. Like that previous anthology, Unbound is themeless and features genre short stories from some of the best writers working today.

I chose to write a short story set in my Annwn Cycle series—but it is quite different.

When I began writing my next novel, The Everwinter Wraith, I got to a chapter that paralyzed me. That chapter features a new character—a particularly nasty type of antagonist. And I realized I didn’t know enough about Tathal Ennis to actually write the chapter.

I had to step back from Wraith and figure that out before I could continue. The wizard doesn’t figure prominently in this book but he does in the third novel. It was best that I work on it now.

The Dead’s Revenant, my story in Unbound, is Tathal’s story. It helped me learn who he is. And once I finished it, it allowed me to get back to writing The Everwinter Wraith and I’ve been fine ever since.

Here is the cover for Unbound as well as the first page from The Dead’s Revenant:

cover-unbound-final speakman-page1

Click on them to enlarge!

Unbound publishes December 1st! To pre-order the book, click HERE!

More news soon!

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