Blackguards edited by Joe Martin is an anthology of short stories featuring assassins, mercenaries, and rogues.

I contributed a story titled The White Rose Thief. It is set in my Annwn Cycle, the tale taking place after The Dark Thorn but before The Everwinter Wraith. I decided to write about a thief, Rosenwyn Whyte, and her efforts to leave a dark past where it belongs—in the past.

But like many people, the past has a way of entering the present. And Rosenwyn learns that harsh lesson in the worst possible way.

I received copies of Blackguards today. To celebrate, I took a few photos of the book:

As you can see, it is a beautiful book. Since Blackguards initially began as a Kickstarter, I supported it with a tuckerization. For those of you who don’t know what that is, a tuckerization is adding the name of a real person into the story. This is usually done to raise money for charity or, in this instance, a Kickstarter project. I bought the tuckerization for Michael J. Sullivan’s story. And put my fiancé’s name, Kristin Lamb, into his story.

It worked out well, as you can see from the photos! We will be reading it soon, together. Because it will be fun.

To learn more about Blackguards, click HERE.

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