Books & Short Stories


The Anthologies
  • Unfettered
  • Unbound (forthcoming)
  • Unfettered II (forthcoming)
The Annwn Cycle Novels
  • The Dark Thorn
  • The Everwinter Wraith (forthcoming)
  • The Splintered King (forthcoming)
Short Tales of Annwn
  • The Unlocked Tome
  • The Twilight Dragon
  • The Unfettered Knight (found in Unfettered)
  • The Arch Druid’s Grimoires
  • The White Rose Thief (found in Blackguards)
  • The Dead’s Revenant (forthcoming in Unbound)
  • The Shadowed Flames (forthcoming in Unfettered II
Battle’s Perilous Edge
  • Song of the Fell Hammer

The Annwn Cycle Reading Order

  • The Dark Thorn (novel)
  • The Twilight Dragon (short story)
  • The Unfettered Knight (short story)
  • The Arch Druid’s Grimoires (short story)
  • The White Rose Thief (short story)
  • The Dead’s Revenant (forthcoming short story)
  • The Everwinter Wraith (forthcoming novel)
  • The Shadowed Flames (forthcoming short story)
  • The Splintered King (forthcoming novel)
  • The Unlocked Tome (can be read at any time)