How To Get An Early Look At The King-Killing Queen

Hi Everyone,

I have something kind of fun here that I’m betting a few of you will love.

I finished writing The King-Killing Queen earlier this year. Part of that book is a story-within-a-story similar to what Patrick Rothfuss does in his work. That story-within-a-story has been expanded into an 11,000-word short story that will be offered as a short ebook as well as the basis for the graphic novel that will adapted by comic book writer Robert Napton and illustrator Nate Taylor.

I just finished the second draft of the short story. At exactly the same time my 6-year-old son Soren is taking part in his school’s APEX fundraiser. You can likely see where I’m going with this.

To support my son’s fundraiser — which includes him having to run laps to raise money for his school — he is calling his relatives and friends to have them donate. It’s a great lesson for children to learn, advocating for themselves and their lives. But I’ve decided to use my platform here to help as well. Using whatever power I possess for good has always been one of my callings. Here is what I’m offering so you can receive the first 1/3 of that short story sent to your inbox:

  • What You Do: Donate any amount — even a flat donation of a $1 — to Soren’s fundraiser HERE
  • What I Do: When I receive notification of the donation, I email you a thank you from Soren along with a PDF of the first 1/3 of that short story

Some of you won’t be interested, for any number of reasons, financial or otherwise. But some of you might enjoy helping my son raise money for his school and getting an early look at my unedited short story.

Up to you! Thank you for reading this regardless of what you do. I really do appreciate it. And so does Soren!


PS: The photo above is Soren and I with his APEX support person, Ajah. Soren is wearing a medal his class won for having the most donations from different United States states. How cool is that?

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