Review: The King-Killing Queen

The fine people over at Tangent Online have reviewed Grimdark Magazine’s forthcoming anthology, The King Must Fall.

I contributed a short novella to that anthology. It is titled The King-Killing Queen. I loved it so much that I kept writing. And when I stopped writing, I had a full book. That book will publish next year. And while I’ve had to keep specific aspects of that publishing deal under wraps since it is connected with Hollywood and possibilities there, I’m hoping to have something to share with you all on that front in the coming months. If not at NYCC.

I’ve been so entrenched in writing and other work that I haven’t really had the time to process all of this. And honestly, The King Must Fall anthology has been a long time coming too. It feels like I turned my story in to Grimdark Magazine ages ago. And it was ages ago. But all of a sudden, Tangent Online reviews the book and my story: and I couldn’t be happier!

You can read all of the reviews HERE. But the review for my novella The King-Killing Queen is below:

History is written by the victor, and victory does not guarantee virtue. More often than not, such histories gloss over or omit entirely the sins of the victor, no matter how glorious their achievements may truly have been. The character High King Alafair Goode clearly draws inspiration from both Arthur of legend and David of the Bible, but isn’t just a medley of borrowed history and myths. When he chooses his brilliant but hitherto unknown daughter to be High Queen after him, the many unworthy heirs refuse to accept her, and betrayal waits around every corner. This could have easily been just another tired rehash of Arthurian legend, or another girl-power fluff piece, but it isn’t. Sylvie doesn’t come to rule the kingdom without steel in her soul, and she has been preparing for this her entire life, albeit unknowingly. Hard truths and harder choices are laid before her, but she is the worthy heir. Not because of birth, or gender, or some magical ability… through strength of resolve and character. This is an increasingly rare stroke of the pen, and I recommend it strongly.”

Mind you, that’s not a review for the entire book. Only for the novella I wrote. I just want to be clear about that.

Be sure to pick up your copy of The King Must Fall when it publishes. I’m told it will be later this year. I’ll have about 100 copies on The Signed Page in December or January. They will be signed by me, so maybe that’s a good place to get one?

Regardless, I’m excited about the future!


PS: I’ll be at Rose City Comic Con this weekend. Hope to see some of you there!

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