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Hi Everyone,

It has been a long time since I updated my website but that is going to be changing over the next two months as I gear up for the shipment of Kickstarter items as well as the trade hardcover, ebook, and audiobook release of The Tempered Steel of Antiquity Grey!

First, a bit of news. I have given my website a facelift finally. Long overdue. I hope you like it!

Second — and more exciting — I had an awful situation pop up but the resolution is pretty cool. Two of Grim Oak’s main large-scale printers couldn’t get the trade hardcover edition into their printer queues in time for the September 7th release date through Ingram Distribution. I was unbelievably upset about this because I hate missing dates, especially since the Kickstarter date was largely missed because of the lateness of my other specialty printer. Seems like all of this is a system wide issue where all printers have too much work on their plates.

Chapter 2 interior by Allen Morris

I was stuck, in other words. Until I realized that the printer for the Kickstarter projects of Antiquity Grey and Jak Dreadth haven’t went to press yet. I’ve been sitting in their queue now for two months after delivering files. They were producing a $35 1000-copy print run of those books and will be doing the printing July 23rd. In short, I had a chance to print more of those and change the files up a bit to be even cooler. I reached out to the printer to see if they could accommodate printing more copies. They got back to me yesterday and said they could and it would only be an extra delay of 3 days. I’ll take that!

What will be different about the $35 Kickstarter edition of The Tempered Steel of Antiquity Grey? The bad news? That edition will no longer have the Marc Simonetti, Kaitlund Zupanic, and Allen Morris art inside of it. The good news? Allen Morris has produced in record time five (5) black and white interiors for that edition! The work Allen turned in is fantastic — I’ve posted one of them here — and now that low tier edition and the widely-distributed hardcover edition found on Amazon, B&N, and other bookstores will have uniform artwork throughout!

If you are not happy about this turn of events, do let me know and I can refund your order via the BackerKit. But I would imagine most of you would deem having 5 interiors instead of 3 is better!

Those of you who didn’t order that 3-interior edition but who now want to add the 5-interior edition… never fear. I have a plan for that coming up where I’ll be posting those books on The Signed Page instead of BackerKit. Alongside copies of Song of the Fell Hammer, which should arrive early next week!

And finally, for any of you who have not read anything from The Tempered Steel of Antiquity Grey, I have posted the first two chapters with Allen’s artwork up on the website. Happy reading!

I hope you all are staying safe, sane, and reading something great!


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