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I have been upgrading my social media presences over the last two days.

Why? 2016 promises to be a fun year. The Shannara Chronicles premieres on January 5th. I will publish four books—The Broken Empire by Mark Lawrence, Unfettered II, The Everwinter Wraith, and quite possibly a small print run of The Twilight Dragon. And of course there will be several convention appearances.

All of those things will draw more attention to my work, something I am grateful for. But for years, I’ve not created a professional author Facebook Page that can have more than 5000 fans on it. Facebook prevents that on a personal page.

That has now changed. My personal page keeps gaining new friends—a great problem to have, to be sure—but soon that number will become stuck at 5000. It is best to prepare now.

Therefore, click HERE to Like my professional author Facebook Page.

On that page, I will be posting contests, giveaways, and updating my progress on those various projects. I will still be just as active. I promise!

As always, I still have my Twitter and Instagram accounts! Add me there too if you haven’t!

More news when I know it!

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