Pictures: S&N Edition of UNFETTERED

Signed & Numbered edition of Unfettered
Signed & Numbered edition of Unfettered
Copies of the Signed & Numbered edition of Unfettered arrived this week!

It was a day long in coming. I began taking orders for the S&N of Unfettered in late 2012. The stories were turned in relatively quickly and I published the trade hardcover in July 2013. But it took another two years to get the signature pages signed from authors all over the world. And it took Todd Lockwood a while to get the new piece of artwork completed.

Once the signature pages came in and Todd got me that artwork, the book went to press. And now it is home!

I will begin shipping out books early next week. Should be fun. It’ll be even more fun when people begin receiving their copies.

I suspect many photos will be taken and posted online by the book’s owners.

Here are some pictures of the S&N of Unfettered arriving!

The Signed & Numbered edition of Unfettered is a gorgeous book, one I’m quite proud of. I hope to post pictures of many more books in the future.

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  1. Hi Shawn, any idea when Unfettered II might be out for pre-order? I know you had possibly said July 1st…is that still the timeline or is it being pushed out?

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