Video: Where Terry Brooks Says Nice Things

I attended the Terry Brooks event at Seattle’s University Bookstore on July 10th. For years, I have videotaped Terry for those fans who don’t have a chance to hear him speak. It is my way of helping. I enjoy talking to his fans about his work or just fantasy in general. A relaxing way to get away from the computer and remember that there really is a real world out there.

But every once in a while, Terry surprises me. He decided to read the Del Rey Books newsletter announcing the publication of his new Shannara novel, The High Druid’s Blade. What’s cool about that?

Well, I wrote it.

The video above features Terry reading from that newsletter as well as talking about the work that we’ve done together over the years. Every once in a while, I have a moment where I have to pinch myself: I am working with the Terry Brooks. The word ‘surreal’ doesn’t even come close to capturing the feeling.

Then Terry reads from two unpublished pieces that mirror scenes found in The High Druid’s Blade. He goes on to answer audience questions.

I’m humbled by such a man. And I’m happy to call him friend.

Another video coming Monday.

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