Busy, Busy, Busy

IMG_2731The problem with Unfettered is my work isn’t over.

Even though the book is complete, printed, and sitting in my warehouse as well as my living room, life is about to get hellishly busy. The kind of work that is tough on a writer’s spirit.

I have 3000 books to ship out, individually, all over the world. It is the price I pay for being my own publisher without a distribution network. To pay off my medical debt, I knew I had to cut out all middle-men. It was the only way. That included distribution warehouses that help supply bookstores with their books. I had to sell the book on my end to pay off that debt.

And it has worked. The medical debt is gone. I still have debt that I owe for printing the books but that is slowly disappearing too.

Now comes the part I hate. Why do I hate spending three weeks shipping out books? I don’t hate it. Not really. I love that people are going to be receiving their copies, reading, and hopefully loving Unfettered.

I do hate not being able to write for three weeks. For a writer, that sucks. I can’t in good conscious spend my morning writing like I usually do because that is time that I can spend getting the books out. Fans are depending on me to do just that. And they deserve my best effort.

So if you find any tears on the box containing your copy of Unfettered, you’ll know why.

Let’s hope I don’t cry on the book too!

3 thoughts on “Busy, Busy, Busy”

  1. Shawn, If you do cry and leave tears on any books it only means you are Alive and Well ! Thank you for all your hard work ! I look forward to all the books and your new books to come. Take care.

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