Terry Brooks & Todd Lockwood Discuss Art

Bestselling author Terry Brooks and artist Todd Lockwood took the stage at Norwescon 36 to discuss art and the role it plays in the fantasy genre. Todd then guides the audience through his art process using artwork from the Unfettered anthology and Terry’s two most recent novels, Wards of Faerie and Bloodfire Quest.

Personally, I love artwork. I love cover art. I love interior art. I love how both accentuate what the writer has done and give the reader an additional look into the world. In this video, I particularly enjoyed listening to Terry’s philosophy of how art should work. And Todd’s breakdown of how he creates a piece of art and why he does the things he does was fascinating! Plus, I got to jump in from time to time to add my own two cents since I played a role in creating the artwork for unfettered. Enjoy!

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