Reddit Fantasy Gift Exchange

Available now!
Available now!
I have been asked to gift a gift!

The Fantasy exchange has started and will run through March 18th. r/Fantasy will be promoting the Fantasy Exchange and is encouraging everyone to join in – including fantasy writers, artists, publishers, RPG / gaming companies and anyone else.

I am gifting a copy of my debut novel, The Dark Thorn, double-signed by myself and cover artist Todd Lockwood.

There are a number of other fantasy writers who are contributing items of interest too! Click HERE to take a look at who is particpating!


This is simply another exchange – this time with a Fantasy twist.

  • Go here and sign up.
  • You will be matched with a random giftee on March 18th. Look at what they wrote in their profile and send them a fantasy-related gift of your choice. The gift must ship by March 29th.
  • Another random person will be matched up with you and will use your filled-in profile to send you a fantasy-related gift. (Yes, you will need to provide a shipping address.)

This is just a fun way to celebrate fantasy in all of its facets—and meet some new people along the way with similar interests!

I wonder who will get my copy of The Dark Thorn.


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